Medical and Wellness Care

At Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of AZ, we provide top-notch quality medical and wellness care to patients of every size and species! (Except dogs, cats, and large animals). Every patient is treated with the care and attention that they deserve. 

Clinic Hours

Appointments – 8:30AM - Close 
Mondays – 8AM - 5PM
Tuesdays – 8AM - 6PM
Wednesdays – 8AM - 5PM
Thursdays – 8AM - 6PM
Fridays – 8AM - 5PM
Saturday 11/7 - 9am-2pm & 11/14 - 9am - 1pm


Contact Information

AEAC Phone Number - (480) 706-8478
AEAC Fax Number - (480) 393-3915
After Hours Emergency Pager - (602) 351-1850
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Welcome to the Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of AZ!

November 2015 Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic Doctors' Availability:

Dr. Todd Driggers: Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 
Dr. Lora Schelle: Available Wednesdays
Dr. Sarah McLaughlin: Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and select Saturdays

November Promotions:

Love our clinic or one of our amazing staff?  Write a Review! We will be giving away a 16oz double wall tumbler to each client that publishes a wonderful and personal review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp! A Five-Star Review would be fantastic and we are also looking for reviews that share a positive experience that you have had at our clinic or with a specific staff member. Thank you in advance for participating in this month's promotion to help increase our internet visibility!   


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Why Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic?

Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of AZ provides superior medical care for your exotic pets, ranging anywhere from birds to reptiles, amphibians to mammals, fish to insects, and more! We are also the first and oldest exotic pet exclusive practice in Arizona. 

Dr. Todd Driggers is an Avian Association of Veterinarians certified veterinarian with 20+ years of experience.  Our other skilled veterinarians, Dr. Lora Schelle who has been practicing for 11 years and Dr. Sarah McLaughlin, bring ample experience to the practice and are passionate about helping your exotic pets stay healthy and happy.

Local bird groups, bird owners, and other exotic pet owners know that their birds and other exotic pets are in the best hands in the valley at Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic! 

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